Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the phone for ten minutes

Of course, I get on the phone with my boss, Dean Nixon. He has been teaching me the value based parenting concepts. And I am eventually going to teach the classes myself. So while on the phone with him discussing business, my two year old, yep the same one from the Meijer story, went out side in his socks and no coat ringing the loud door bell. It is February, and we just had a snow day yesterday but he doesn’t seem to care. So I pull him inside more to stop the noise of the doorbell, never mind the sock feet in the snow. The conversation went on and I was leaning over my calendar in the kitchen when I heard the clatter behind me. I turned around to see all of our travel toothbrushes scattered everywhere. He must have gotten into the travel bag. Finally, the conversation ends. So I picked up the toothbrushes and headed upstairs and on the steps was my travel bag with the shampoo out and the top off, toothpaste out with the top off, I am just thankful nothing was oozing out of either. Q-tips all over and a band aid was completely opened and sticking to the carpet. At lease this answered my question of where he obtained the Q-tip he was trying to shove in my ear moments ago. And to think all this happened in a matter of ten minutes.


  1. LOL Been there done that! Today I was making dinner and wouldn't tend to my 3 year old's whining and so he decided to pee his pants! Stinker.

  2. That story would have been much more entertaining had you mentioned that I was also on that call...I see how you are.