Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Super Z Update

Super Z update!!  He did great!!  We have an MRI scheduled for the 11th of December which I cannot be more excited about!!!  Can't wait to see how this new drug is doing :)  I want to give a HUGE shout out to Samantha Weaver :)  She and her family gave Zayne a gift bag FULL of fun stuff to do at the hospital!!

 He was so excited!!  We have been taking that bag for a couple weeks now :)  Thankyou Sam!!!
He was most excited about the paints!!  He kept saying "Mom can I just use my fingers to paint it?"

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my super Z updates :(  I will try harder!!  He has been having headaches the past week which we are hoping pass. Thanks so much!! I still love all the texts and FB post I get :) 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bonds Between Heroes...No Path is the Same but We Walk it Together

November's Bonds Between Heroes post is written by a fellow blogger I just met a few weeks ago.  Her name is Robin Ferguson, and her blog is "In the Robins Nest"

This "Heroes" is a bit different than our past guests.  This story I think depicts the Hero of "MOM"  As many of you know, motherhood is not all rainbows and butterflies, and it can be a bit trying at times.  Seriously, what other career path begins one day, only for you to NEVER clock out.  Motherhood is literally 24/7, even when you sleep you are secretly listening for the baby to cry, or your toddler to need you to rescue them from that monster under their bed. 

I wanted to post this as a comfort to moms everywhere who have had these same feelings and perhaps felt guilty for them at times.  As a mom we face many adversities, such as colic, potty training, ear infections, surgeries, sickness, stiches...the list is endless, and yet even after some of the craziest times all we gotta hear is that little voice say "mommy" and we are right by their side. 

So here is a post for all the Mom Heroes... I hope you like it....  Just click on the link below. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Super Z update :)

Zayne is finally having fun again at chemo J  It’s been hit and miss now that we can’t go into the play room with flu season and we try packing a bag of toys but once we get there he knows what he is missing…but the childcare workers are incredible! 

 Audra, one of my favorites showed Zayne a painting project he could do in his own room without having to be in the playroom!!  We have painted two trains so far and now instead of hearing how boring it’s gonna be and how much he DOESN’T want to go, I hear about what he is going to paint next!!  Such a load off knowing he WANTS to be there!! 

Early last week Coach (Dave Pratt) stopped in to give my boys AUTHENTIC wrestling shorts!!  

 Once Z found out the REAL wrestlers wear these he was all in!! I think he walked around for the rest of the week with his chest puffed out and talked in his big man voice! In fact both my boys were so excited about them I couldn’t peel them off of either of them for 2 days.  Finally I stuck them in the tub and grabbed both pairs of shorts and shoved them down into the dirty clothes.  Ayden got out of the tub and began drying off… “Mom…where’s my wrestling shorts?”  “Um…I have to wash them buddy…”  Zayne got out and said the same thing.  After explaining how we can’t wear things for too long I tucked them in and it was off to dreamland for all of us.  The next morning was chemo morning.  Ayden woke up and began getting dressed.  “Mom…did you wash my short yet?”  “Um…no honey….we all went to sleep remember?” I responded baffled.  “MOM…..I wanted to wear those to school.”  Insert official pouty face.  “Sure….next time I’ll stay up doing laundry all night.”  I said as if acting like a sarcastic 10 yr. old would help.  He gave me a scowl.  After getting him off to school I focused on getting Z ready to head to Grand Rapids.  “Grab your Z shirt and get dressed.”  I said to him as I started to get ready myself.  After a couple minuets I walked around the corner to see how he was doing.  To my surprise he had his wrestling shorts on and was trying to stuff them into his jeans.  “Buddy where did you find those?”  “In the dirty clothes.” He answered as to say Duh mom.  “Well baby they were in there because they are dirty…they aren’t clean.”  “I know mom, but I wanted to wear them.”  It amazed me at the simplicity of his answer.  He didn’t care if they smelled or not…he wanted to wear them.  I sighed and couldn’t find it in me to tell him no.  So I grabbed a pair of sweatpants that they would stuff into easier and began helping him.  After getting to chemo he showed Mrs. Annie and Dr. Brad his cool new wrestling shorts : ) Both of my boys make it a point to come home and change into their wrestling shorts…no matter what the temperature outside is J


Monday, November 3, 2014

Bathrooms with Boys...excerpt from the book

Put the seat up before you pee! Then put it back down when you
are done!” I said for the MILLIONTH time in my career as a mom.
Boys and bathrooms...what an adventure! Throughout my years of raising boys, I have often walked into my bathroom greeted by the lovely aroma of a giant urinal. Now, I’m not
suggesting that I hadn’t cleaned my bathroom for weeks and consequently it began to smell. (Well, that DID happen on occasion, and how often, I’d rather NOT say. That information is FAR too incriminating to just hand out.) However, just two days after each time THOROUGHLY scrubbed my bathroom with bleach, the urinal smell kept returning.

Naturally, I figured out that this was because my boys all came with their own personal squirt gun. And the problem is this squirt gun did NOT come with a scope! I have noticed the ability to aim without a scope is SERIOUSLY limited, and it is crazy WHERE the stream lands. One particular time, I sat on the toilet seat only to feel a not-so-pleasant
wet sensation against my CHEEKS! Now, considering the fact that I didn’t have a bidet, my only hope was that a freshly showered kid sat on the seat with their clean, wet butt. However, then I remembered that just before I stepped into the bathroom I was looking at my sweaty,
grubby kids thinking, Eeeeeww, you all need showers, which shattered ALL hopes of the wet sensation being a SANITARYone. Then my mind wandered to all the times I had seen my boys hitting the BACKof the toilet seat before shifting things downward. It was pretty obvious that, there I was, SITTING IN LITTLE BOY TINKLE SPLATTER Yuck!
After I disinfected myself AND  the seat, I noticed the puddle that had collected on the
floor beside the toilet. I was sure THAT wasn’t helping the smell, either.   As I washed my hands, I notice my trashcan had splatter running down the side of it. I tried to convince myself there were MANY explanations for that. It could be opening up a pop can after it was dropped...um, near the toilet? Or, maybe it was a squirt gun fight in the bathroom.
Now THAT is quite probable, only I believe the water would have evaporated, not turned into a sticky, gross, goo running down the side of my trash can. SERIOUSLY how do they get it EVERYWHERE? Well, some of my questions were answered one day while I was
standing at my vanity doing my hair. My five-year-old son, Timmy, walked in to go potty. He was fresh out of bed and, with a yawn, he assumed “the position”. He was actually aiming pretty well when, midstream…

or at a signing near you...Next Book signing at Dwell in Okemos Mi, Noveber 14th.  ''

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Super Z's big game...told by the 4 year old himself.

So as you may have noticed the Misguided sisters have been slacking on the job. Lol  Life has been a bit busy, but blessed none the less. 
About a week ago Jess posted the story of the amazing cancer awareness football game that Zayne went to.  She told her point of view of the story.  Well, a few days later I was babysitting Zayne, and he told me his side of the story, and it goes like this…

“Aunt Mame, I got to go to a real football game.”  Stated Zayne, seemingly making breakfast conversation as we both ate a plate of waffles.
“Wow, that’s cool.  I heard someone special got to toss the coin.” I responded
“Yup.  That was me.” He said in his big man voice.  “And we got to see the football players, and I got to have popcorn, and I got see the band play some songs.”  He rattled off his list of festivities. 
“OH!  AND WE GOT TO SEE A REAL GATOR!!!!”  He exclaimed with eyes wide open. 
From his expression you would have thought a real live Alligator was there. 
“Really!”  I exclaimed with a chuckle.  The kid is obsessed with tractors and gators.  Lol  He has a power wheels gator that he drives all over his yard EVERYDAY, but when he sees the real deal, he is beside himself. 
I just had to laugh.  He couldn’t quite comprehend the capacity of the miracle he received when they handed him that rectangle piece of cardboard that night.  He probably wondered why his mom and dad were so excited about it when there was a “REAL GATOR” sitting right next to them.  Lol  
Kids!  Gotta love ‘em. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Super Z's big day at the Game by Jessica Warren

We walked onto the football field under the bright lights.  The wind was crisp and you could smell fall in the air.  Little Z almost hopped out onto the field excited to throw the coin for the football players!  I really couldn't tell who was more excited...me or Ayden and Zayne!!  As we walked back to the track Lisa stopped us and asked us to wait by the Spartan Head.  They read off all the beautiful people that were being honored by each jersey every football player wore.  I went back in my mind to earlier that afternoon when I brought Z up to the high school.  We made our way down to see "Coach" meaning Dave Pratt.  You wouldn't know it, but in Z's eyes Dave roped the moon for him and the whole wrestling team helped :)  So whenever He gets the opportunity to give coach a high five...he's in!!  We made our way out to the sidewalk with the wagon that was decorated in pink streamers with a SUPER Z symbol!!  Zayne was the honored guest at this parade and even got to lead the charge!!  Walking up main street with the whole student body behind us, too cool!  

 My thoughts were brought back to field and listened to the announcer talk about a little boy.  "He has an inoperable brain tumor and is currently undergoing chemo treatments at DeVoss Hospital in Grand Rapids."  Hearing that, I felt a pain in my heart for that family...then I remembered... that's my son.  Wow...that sounded so much worse than it felt in that moment.  In this moment we were excited!  My boys have been waiting to go to a football game and eat popcorn, which GG, of course, took care of right away :)  We had our popcorn, we tossed the coin, and we were getting ready to watch our Springport Spartans win the game!!  Life was good!!  I couldn't help but go back to that afternoon one more time and feel the excitement wash over me as Z and I were almost run over by all the AMAZING HOT PINK shirts the student body was wearing!!  We just had the opportunity to meet the football coach when the bell rang and the halls were flooded with Z supporters!!  Lisa told me that the ribbon on the shirts was gray because gray was for brain cancer.  I was touched!!  Once again this little AMAZING town of Springport was coming through for MY son.  As the students rushed by a lot of them would hold their hand up to Zayne for a high 5!  "Super Z!!" " Z-man what's up?" "Big Z"  For a mom, and any mom out there, it brought tears to my eyes.  "We would like to present Zayne..."  I was brought back to the field once again.  "With this check for $3000!"  WHAT????  Time stood still.  I was overtaken with emotion.  After I pulled my face out of my hands I took in the moment!!   

As I hugged Corey and then Lisa all I could think was "They have no clue what they have just done for my family!"  Earlier that month Jake and I were looking at the account we use for Zayne’s gas.  Last year the town of Springport and our family and friends raised enough money for us to travel to Devoss stress free!!  

 And ever since the diagnosis that the tumor was growing again and we would have another year of treatment ahead of us, our account had been getting very low.  So Jake and I have been faced with the decision of where to cut back.  Of possibly switching to Sparrow because it's closer.  This decision weighed on me daily.  I wanted to stay at Devoss.  Devoss was full of kids just like Zayner and the nurses were never seen without a smile on their face.  Zayne developed relationships there, he liked being there, and he was comfortable there!  As a mom who has watched her little boy have to face tough circumstances, I didn’t want him to have to worry about this one.  He has been through enough.  The night was a blur of tears. After putting my boys to bed I looked at that check. My little town of Springport.  The pride that filled me.  Tears filled my eyes again.  The weight was gone.  The decision was off the table.  Because of the kids on the student counsel thought beyond themselves, we now had money in our account.  
 DeVoss....Here comes Super Z!!!