Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Super Z's big day at the Game by Jessica Warren

We walked onto the football field under the bright lights.  The wind was crisp and you could smell fall in the air.  Little Z almost hopped out onto the field excited to throw the coin for the football players!  I really couldn't tell who was more or Ayden and Zayne!!  As we walked back to the track Lisa stopped us and asked us to wait by the Spartan Head.  They read off all the beautiful people that were being honored by each jersey every football player wore.  I went back in my mind to earlier that afternoon when I brought Z up to the high school.  We made our way down to see "Coach" meaning Dave Pratt.  You wouldn't know it, but in Z's eyes Dave roped the moon for him and the whole wrestling team helped :)  So whenever He gets the opportunity to give coach a high five...he's in!!  We made our way out to the sidewalk with the wagon that was decorated in pink streamers with a SUPER Z symbol!!  Zayne was the honored guest at this parade and even got to lead the charge!!  Walking up main street with the whole student body behind us, too cool!  

 My thoughts were brought back to field and listened to the announcer talk about a little boy.  "He has an inoperable brain tumor and is currently undergoing chemo treatments at DeVoss Hospital in Grand Rapids."  Hearing that, I felt a pain in my heart for that family...then I remembered... that's my son.  Wow...that sounded so much worse than it felt in that moment.  In this moment we were excited!  My boys have been waiting to go to a football game and eat popcorn, which GG, of course, took care of right away :)  We had our popcorn, we tossed the coin, and we were getting ready to watch our Springport Spartans win the game!!  Life was good!!  I couldn't help but go back to that afternoon one more time and feel the excitement wash over me as Z and I were almost run over by all the AMAZING HOT PINK shirts the student body was wearing!!  We just had the opportunity to meet the football coach when the bell rang and the halls were flooded with Z supporters!!  Lisa told me that the ribbon on the shirts was gray because gray was for brain cancer.  I was touched!!  Once again this little AMAZING town of Springport was coming through for MY son.  As the students rushed by a lot of them would hold their hand up to Zayne for a high 5!  "Super Z!!" " Z-man what's up?" "Big Z"  For a mom, and any mom out there, it brought tears to my eyes.  "We would like to present Zayne..."  I was brought back to the field once again.  "With this check for $3000!"  WHAT????  Time stood still.  I was overtaken with emotion.  After I pulled my face out of my hands I took in the moment!!   

As I hugged Corey and then Lisa all I could think was "They have no clue what they have just done for my family!"  Earlier that month Jake and I were looking at the account we use for Zayne’s gas.  Last year the town of Springport and our family and friends raised enough money for us to travel to Devoss stress free!!  

 And ever since the diagnosis that the tumor was growing again and we would have another year of treatment ahead of us, our account had been getting very low.  So Jake and I have been faced with the decision of where to cut back.  Of possibly switching to Sparrow because it's closer.  This decision weighed on me daily.  I wanted to stay at Devoss.  Devoss was full of kids just like Zayner and the nurses were never seen without a smile on their face.  Zayne developed relationships there, he liked being there, and he was comfortable there!  As a mom who has watched her little boy have to face tough circumstances, I didn’t want him to have to worry about this one.  He has been through enough.  The night was a blur of tears. After putting my boys to bed I looked at that check. My little town of Springport.  The pride that filled me.  Tears filled my eyes again.  The weight was gone.  The decision was off the table.  Because of the kids on the student counsel thought beyond themselves, we now had money in our account.  
 DeVoss....Here comes Super Z!!!

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