Thursday, October 30, 2014

Super Z's big game...told by the 4 year old himself.

So as you may have noticed the Misguided sisters have been slacking on the job. Lol  Life has been a bit busy, but blessed none the less. 
About a week ago Jess posted the story of the amazing cancer awareness football game that Zayne went to.  She told her point of view of the story.  Well, a few days later I was babysitting Zayne, and he told me his side of the story, and it goes like this…

“Aunt Mame, I got to go to a real football game.”  Stated Zayne, seemingly making breakfast conversation as we both ate a plate of waffles.
“Wow, that’s cool.  I heard someone special got to toss the coin.” I responded
“Yup.  That was me.” He said in his big man voice.  “And we got to see the football players, and I got to have popcorn, and I got see the band play some songs.”  He rattled off his list of festivities. 
“OH!  AND WE GOT TO SEE A REAL GATOR!!!!”  He exclaimed with eyes wide open. 
From his expression you would have thought a real live Alligator was there. 
“Really!”  I exclaimed with a chuckle.  The kid is obsessed with tractors and gators.  Lol  He has a power wheels gator that he drives all over his yard EVERYDAY, but when he sees the real deal, he is beside himself. 
I just had to laugh.  He couldn’t quite comprehend the capacity of the miracle he received when they handed him that rectangle piece of cardboard that night.  He probably wondered why his mom and dad were so excited about it when there was a “REAL GATOR” sitting right next to them.  Lol  
Kids!  Gotta love ‘em. 

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