Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Super Z update!!!!

I want to start this update off by thanking my community once again :)  It is breast cancer awareness month and Springport Schools gave us these amazing shirts!!!  I think it is awesome that they used my boy for the design of the shirt!!  And we wore them proud today :)
Z did ok today, counts were lower as he is fighting something but not so low we couldn't get chemo.  However his zofran was a little late today so it was a rough ride home.  I know he revisited his breakfast more than once and the kid is so strong he just swallows it back down.  Sorry TMI.  A couple times I would see him struggling and ask him if he was ok, "Mom....don't look at me.....my tummy hurts."  in his grouchy voice.  However later tonight he crawled up in my lap and gave mom some much needed snuggle time. His ANC was down to 1100, which is still fine but weird to think it was just 1900 a week ago.  Prayers it stays up!!
Thankyou to everyone for the amazing support!!!!

The last pic is with his nurse, Annie.  She is AMAZING!!!!

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