Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Super Z update :)

Zayne is finally having fun again at chemo J  It’s been hit and miss now that we can’t go into the play room with flu season and we try packing a bag of toys but once we get there he knows what he is missing…but the childcare workers are incredible! 

 Audra, one of my favorites showed Zayne a painting project he could do in his own room without having to be in the playroom!!  We have painted two trains so far and now instead of hearing how boring it’s gonna be and how much he DOESN’T want to go, I hear about what he is going to paint next!!  Such a load off knowing he WANTS to be there!! 

Early last week Coach (Dave Pratt) stopped in to give my boys AUTHENTIC wrestling shorts!!  

 Once Z found out the REAL wrestlers wear these he was all in!! I think he walked around for the rest of the week with his chest puffed out and talked in his big man voice! In fact both my boys were so excited about them I couldn’t peel them off of either of them for 2 days.  Finally I stuck them in the tub and grabbed both pairs of shorts and shoved them down into the dirty clothes.  Ayden got out of the tub and began drying off… “Mom…where’s my wrestling shorts?”  “Um…I have to wash them buddy…”  Zayne got out and said the same thing.  After explaining how we can’t wear things for too long I tucked them in and it was off to dreamland for all of us.  The next morning was chemo morning.  Ayden woke up and began getting dressed.  “Mom…did you wash my short yet?”  “Um…no honey….we all went to sleep remember?” I responded baffled.  “MOM…..I wanted to wear those to school.”  Insert official pouty face.  “Sure….next time I’ll stay up doing laundry all night.”  I said as if acting like a sarcastic 10 yr. old would help.  He gave me a scowl.  After getting him off to school I focused on getting Z ready to head to Grand Rapids.  “Grab your Z shirt and get dressed.”  I said to him as I started to get ready myself.  After a couple minuets I walked around the corner to see how he was doing.  To my surprise he had his wrestling shorts on and was trying to stuff them into his jeans.  “Buddy where did you find those?”  “In the dirty clothes.” He answered as to say Duh mom.  “Well baby they were in there because they are dirty…they aren’t clean.”  “I know mom, but I wanted to wear them.”  It amazed me at the simplicity of his answer.  He didn’t care if they smelled or not…he wanted to wear them.  I sighed and couldn’t find it in me to tell him no.  So I grabbed a pair of sweatpants that they would stuff into easier and began helping him.  After getting to chemo he showed Mrs. Annie and Dr. Brad his cool new wrestling shorts : ) Both of my boys make it a point to come home and change into their wrestling shorts…no matter what the temperature outside is J


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