Friday, March 26, 2010

Been there, Done that...what is your story!?

So this story goes out to all of you with little boys! I want to hear your “Been there done that” story. This nice weather and thinking of potty training Bo, reminds me of a story about Timmy when he was 4. He turned 4 in May and it was during ball season that June. Michael and I were watching Kate play ball from the first baseline side. We let Timmy go with Josh over to the bleachers on the other side. We kept an eye on him from a distance. He like walking up and down the empty set of bleachers. Well, on one of his trips to the top I saw him take “The Stance”. Every mom knows what “The stance” is. I began to head that way thinking to myself, “surely he isn’t going to… uh oh he is.” And then I saw buns. He was facing away from the crowd, so that is all anyone else could see too, aside from the stream arcing out onto the grass. He was taking a leak. I ran over there as fast as I could and stopped the sideshow. Earlier that month as summer started take off, I had told him he could pee outside if he didn’t want to come in to use the bathroom. I figured anything to keep him from holding it to long and having an accident. Seemed harmless, until there we were at a ball game. I had to explain the difference between our back yard and crowded public places.

So, please share your stories too, I would like to know I am not the only one with a kid taking a leak in public! Ha ha. :)

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