Monday, September 17, 2012

Penny pinching school year!

So I went to Sams today to buy snacks in bulk. I buy things in bulk and then pre-package it myself so it is cheaper, yet I like the pre-packing for easy on the go convenience. However as a house of 6, we go cheap!! So today I filled 20 snack bags of animal crackers and put them on the snack shelf. I felt so accomplished! Wow, 20 bags of crackers, that oughtta last me a month, well, at least a couple of weeks, right? Wrong? As I did the math, I just kept rechecking my numbers. I am well aware that math is not my strongest subject so I was sure I had to making a mistake, ‘cause according to my calculations, 20 bags of crackers, at one bag per kid, per day, would not even get me through an entire week, it would last me 5 days!!!! FIVE DAYS!!!!!!! Seriously, you gotta be kidding me. There has to be a better way. As I was pondering this thought I was throwing my cardboard in a pile, and a thought came to me. I mean a genius thought!!! How about I cut my cardboard into animal shapes! I mean the cardboard probably has the same amount of nutritional value as the crackers, and they would be colorful. Kids love colorful food. This way I could save money on snacks and recycle my cardboard at the same time!! Genius, if I do say so myself! I haven’t run the idea by the kids yet, but what’s not to like?!. So here’s to a penny pinching school year. I will keep you posted on all my new findings and feel free to email me yours and I will post them. I mean this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

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