Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Super Z Update!!!!-Jessica Warren

Well I have to say I am BEYOND excited to bring you this update!! I didn't go yesterday due to the crud that has been going around :( But the way I look at it is....I got food poisoning then got hit with a horrid I should be good for the year ;) However, even not being there I always try and send as much love and prayers as I can squeeze in throughout the day!! Jake told me from the very beginning of the day Zayne seemed different...He has had some pretty bad separation anxiety lately. So bad that sometimes when we are playing upstairs and I run downstairs to grab something, he will be on his way down in tears saying "Why did you leave me mom? You can't leave me :(" So we have been working on that. But Jake said even walking in to the hospital Z said he didn't need to hold his daddy's hand. NEVER HAPPENS. He usually panics if you don't take his hand quick enough. Then Jake said he got up to the chemo lab and was talking to EVERYBODY!!! Giving people high 5's, laughing!!! I was so excited when I heard this!! I asked how the poke went and Jake said he walked into the room and took his shirt off with no fight!! Then he listened as Jenn (Child life worker--aka--AMAZING) was telling him a story that I'm pretty sure consisted of his pooh bear having a gassy stomach and in the end tooted in Zayne's face :) Boys....they think farting is so funny! Daddy asked him if he was ready for his poke and Zayne grabbed Jakes hand and said "Yup". He squeezed his daddy's hand as he WATCHED the nurse put the needle in!!!! DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID???? Oh....just making sure :) As you can see I am beyond excited and feel like we have ALL turned a corner!!! My baby boy is beginning to be brave FOR HIMSELF!!!! He is starting to realize he isn't alone and HE CAN DO THIS!!! BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!!! GAH!!!!! As a mom this is a huge step not only for Jake and I to try and live strength before him but to watch him make a decision only adults should have to make, was incredible!!! As always THANK YOU for all your prayers!!! We would not be here if it had not been for all the amazing support we receive!!! I look back at this halfway point and can't believe all the WONDERFUL memories I have amidst all the pain. People are good!!! Good people Rally!!! And I am beyond thankful for that!! I do have to give a very heartfelt THANK YOU to my girls!! Fran, April, Steph, and Renee, Rachel, & Melissa!! We had AMAZING HOT meals every Tuesday!! We can always feel the love in those things!!! My Friends are priceless!! God has truly blessed me with a church that has such faithful people!! Love to all of YOU!!!! And here is to the next 6 months of looking at this as an incredible Journey that we are privileged to walk with Gods amazing Grace!!!

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