Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it summer yet?

I got home today and I was grouching a bit. The snow had melted and it revealed A LOT. First I counted 10 piles of dog poo from the dog we don’t own but thinks it lives here. It is my mom’s dog and she is my neighbor, so yeah, along with our cat that my hubby finally talked me into, we also kinda have a dog, even though the only pet I wanted was a fish. Along with the poo were various toys that never got put away. Two squirt guns, a bat, two little tykes cars, two sleds from winter, a water balloon launcher, and a fisher price lawn mower. And if that is not enough Michael never put the hose away, and it is not even wrapped up, it is strewn about the yard. I like things in order. I like things to be in their place. Too bad I am the only one in my family who shares such feelings.

So, aside from my yard looking like an abandon day care I am loving the warm weather. I usually will take the mud in stride as long as it is warm enough to go out without a coat.!! I was definitely made for summer. So today I was vacuuming out my van while Bo played in the yard. The next thing I know he is in the sand box. So not only is the sand box muddy from the rain and melting snow, but the BIG bucket of sand toys is full of water and he is filling up his toys and dumping them out like it was 80 degrees. And then I notice he is not wearing his boots. His once white socks are vary brown. Being the responsible mom I am I figured no use in disrupting playtime now, it is to late to save the socks any way. He was happy and out of my hair!! So when he came in I asked him where his boots were. He said, “They are stuck!” and he pointed to the sandbox. Sure enough they were stuck in the mud. He had to pull his feet out to even walk. I couldn’t help but laugh.

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