Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is my kid over there?!!!

Yeah, so last Sunday I was preparing my house for company. We all piled out of the van and each ran to do various tasks around the house. The one task I forgot to assign someone was “watching Bo”. At some point in time I called my mom to ask her for some eggs. She is my neighbor so it is easy to send one of my kids to what I call the closest store ever!!! Well she answered the phone and as I was asking her if she had eggs I heard her say, “Does Bo have chocolate all over his face.” Now I knew which one of my kids was covered in chocolate. It was Bo of course. What I didn’t understand is how she knew. I was like yeah, and then I here her say “hey buddy do you have chocolate all over your face?” “Oh my gosh, is my kid over there!” I exclaimed. “Yup” she said with a laugh. “Wow, well I am glad he didn’t decide to walk to the Dairy Kreme.” I said.

Yeah. Not my best parenting moment “again”. Thank God my neighbor isn’t crazy. Well, not any crazier than the rest of us in the family.

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