Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring-cleaning, time to get out the power tools.

Well, yesterday I started my first step of spring-cleaning. I know right, I am way on top of things. This nice weather has just begun and I am spring-cleaning like a good little housewife. Well, the truth of the matter is I haven’t done “spring cleaning” since we moved in. Yeah, and that was 5 years ago this May. Five years makes for A LOT of grime build up on the top of my cupboards. I finally had a moment to take my winter décor down and knew I should take this opportunity to wipe down the tops. Cause let’s face it, once I put my summer décor up there it was going to be another year before I got to it, cause I am not taking the stuff down again until Winter, and I don’t spring clean in the Winter, I have absolutely no motivation then. At least the warm whether gets me in the mood for that fresh clean feel. Anyway, I got my hammer and chisel out and went to work on the petrified layer of dust, and grease in the areas above my stove. Oh my gosh it took me forever. I would like to say that the experience has motivated me to wipe them down after each décor change, and perhaps it will, but more than likely the hammer and chisel will have to come back out in another 5 years. But at least I am off to a good start, by the end of the weekend I hope to have “power washed” my fan blades. I also hope to power wash my garage floor; I just pray there is still concrete under all that dirt! That truly is no exaggeration.

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