Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Surrounded by boys.

My daughter cracks me up. Today we had a play date get canceled. My daughter was quite disappointed so her colors began to show. She looked at me in desperation and said, “But mom I HAVE to have a friend over, I am surrounded by boys, and they are so mean to me.” Being perfectly aware of her own feminine dominance she tries to use over the boys I said, “Honey, I think we both know how you talk to the boys at times. Her response, “Mom, seriously, they MAKE me yell at them.” Haha I just thought that was so cute. Hey I gotta hand it to her for trying. Some how she was able to able to survive the day here with ALL the boys. They ended up playing four square together, and hitting golf balls with the kid clubs. It was cute to see. While they played I finished cleaning out the boys closet, which was much easier now that Bo was outside rather than in the closet with me. I spent 20 min. sorting clothes putting the ones to small for Josh into a storage bin. I turned my back to put the ones too small for Bo in a bag and when I turned back around there it was upside down. Oh yeah. Good thing he's cute I tell ya.

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