Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey, it wasn't a dream.

The other day I let my son Josh read my blog titled, “Perfect Day.” It was so funny, he kept saying “when did that happen?” And then when we got to the end and my alarm started beeping he started cracking up and said, “I didn’t think that sounded like us.”

Well, today I dropped the kids off at the end of our driveway and went next door to my moms to pick something up. I was there for probably 20 min. When Bo and I returned home I walked in the door and the table was set, chili served in the bowls, napkins and crackers all dispersed. I said “what in the world” and the kids popped out from behind the counter saying beep, beep, beep. It was so funny that they were trying to imitate the alarm clock from the “perfect day” dream.

How cute. Maybe I should write some more perfect day scenarios and let the kids read them. This time I will include doing the laundry, and mopping the floor. Oh maybe I should include cleaning the dust off the fans. Hmmmm. That probably wouldn’t go so well. I really don’t want to add a trip to the ER to by blog anytime soon.

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