Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One slice or two?

So what “technically” is a slice of cake?

Well my sister found this cake recipe online that is the ooiest, gooiest cake I have ever been able to “home make.” This cake is like at the expensive restaurants. We have made it on a couple occasions now and I gotta tell ya the batter is just as good as the cake. So naturally while beating the cake, preheating the oven, scraping batter into the pan, and while the pan sits on the counter waiting for the over to finish preheating (yeah, I never remember to do that before I start the cake, that is just planning way to far ahead, I usually remember about ¾ of the way through) So anyway, the batter is literally coming out by the spoonfuls and I am licking the beaters like I was five. Yummm. I can still see my sister with the bowl sitting on her big pregnant belly as she used the pampered chef spatula to scrape the last drop of batter and give her baby and great sugar rush. I am positive if we were to measure the amount of batter we consumed it would equal at least a slice or more for each of us. So my question is do I have to count that as a slice. If so I technically had 21/2 slices. But I prefer to say that the uncooked portion stays off record. Seriously, it is the best chocolate cake ever, if you want the recipe, let me know!

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