Monday, March 1, 2010

Where is the silver lining.

Silver lining, silver lining, sliver lining. OK so any of you who have read, “why I write” at the top of my blog knows what I mean by silver lining. I just keep saying it to myself to somehow convince myself to find it for today. It has just been one of those days.
I woke up with a cold accompanied by a headache. Fortunately I was able to convince Bo to watch cartoons for a while so I could take some painkiller and lay down longer.
The rest of the afternoon mostly consisted of laundry and cleaning, a typical Monday. The time came to pick up the kids and I headed to the garage and saw our cat in the front window. At that moment Michael’s words from this morning came back to me, “have you seen the cat, I couldn’t find him last night or this morning, is he in the house somewhere?” Well, I found him and was scared to open the door. Sure enough I opened the door and the odor of cat pee hit me in the face. Oh my Gosh, the pet that I didn’t really want, cause I didn’t want something else to clean up after took a leak in my van. Not my happiest moment. I called my husband leaving such a cheerful message using all my polite words as you can imagine. He called me back and said he found the van door open last night and shut it before he went to bed. He didn’t know the cat was in there. When I picked the kids up I told them when Dad got home they would need to clean the van out with him. There comment was “why do WE have to clean up after the cat.” I told them cause it was their pet. They saw fit to respond with “well he is your cat too you should have to help.” Yeah, I probably should have waited until the steam quit blowing out my ears to respond. It could have been a better parenting moment. Nope, instead I said, “ I never wanted the cat because when it came to cleaning up its messes, I figured the kids would complain about it. So if you really don’t want to clean it up let me know I will give the cat away tomorrow.”
So they cleaned it out and sprayed it down with odorban. It is now airing out in the garage. We made sure the cat was locked out tonight. I am hoping it works. So maybe someday I will laugh at this moment, but not today. We will see how it looks tomorrow.

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