Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Power of the Mind

The power of the mind amazes me! Here is a story to demonstrate how strong it can be...
I was changing Bo's diaper in a hurry one day trying to get out the door. I tossed him into his car seat then I jumped into my seat. As I flipped the car into reverse I noticed a brown splotch on my hand. Ewwwww! I thought. "I have baby poo on my hand, I swear I washed them" I pulled my hand slowly to my nose and gave it a quick sniff. "Oh gross, totally smells like baby poo, I must have totally missed it." I unbuckled my belt getting ready to go in the house and re-wash them, when I recalled that I had loaded something in the back of my van and it was probably dirt from the door. We live on a dirt road and the back of my van is always covered in dirt. So once again I slowly pulled my hand to my nose to take one more sniff. Sure enough it smelled like dirt. Oh my gosh. My mind was so sure it was baby poo that I actually smelled poo, once I realized it was most likely dirt, then it smelled like dirt. How crazy!

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