Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy…that is all I can say. Two nights ago we had sandwiches for dinner, last night I through some chicken legs in the crock-pot and left the kids with Mike, tonight McDonalds, and tomorrow I am already planning on ordering pizza. Just no time to cook. A pretty good deal if you ask me, I feed the family and support local businesses doing so.

Today looked a lot like the Monday I had, only we added Kate’s yoga class to the mix, and Bo was very well behaved. What do ya know? He is really doing good these days. Naturally we still have our moments, he certainly is still his busy self, but he is listening a lot better now. The problem is the more behaved he gets, the more activities I get myself into. It seems I am just trading one kind of busy for another. The real dilemma is I think I have too many kids. Four kids, well three in school, so three kids with one activity a piece gives me 3 different commitments, and right now with wresting overlapping with soccer a bit, it is just plain in sane. But I gotta say it is fun getting involved the “older” kid activities. I just love the wrestling meets and the soccer games. Soon baseball and softball will start and I love those games too! Hot dogs and popcorn, mmm mmm good. Gotta love it, that’s for sure, otherwise spending 4 nights a week up at the school ball fields would be torture. Yet year after year there are a bunch of us insane parents getting all of our Jonnys and Suzies to their games. It is the time of year I think it would be easier to pitch a tent for the week and go home on Fri. But truth be told I do love it!

Before I sign off I did want to say the free style wrestling family is AWESOME! I don’t want to name any names without their permission, but I do want to say the coaches are so great with the kids. And the older kids are great supporters and mentors to the younger ones. It is a really good group of people and I am so grateful for the way they have welcomed us our first year. Looking forward to next year already.

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