Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a day.

Ok, I am really tired and just ready to put my feet up for the night, so I am going to try and get all this out in one big breath. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuh. That was me breathing in case you didn’t know. Anyway, Huuuuuuuuuuuuh. Wake up late, pull Bo out of bed, dress him, throw a piece of raisin bread at him and toss him in the van, run back in the house twice for forgotten items, on the road, go to mops, leave mops early, go back to Springport, pick up the little munchkin I was babysitting today, Travis (3yrs), go to Belle tire, drop off van, walk to McDonalds with the 2 boys, only to find out there is no play land after I told them there was, sit down to eat, Travis has to pee, take a field trip to the bathroom, after Travis is done Bo decides he wants to try, which don’t get me wrong I was excited that he was interested but let’s face it, the public restroom isn’t exactly my ideal training ground, finally we eat lunch, go back to Belle tire, pick up Van, drive down to the McDonalds with the play land, let the boys play, then boys are thirsty, get drinks and cookies, Travis has to pee, another field trip to the bath room, let the boys play a little more, realize I need groceries while I am out, run to the store, finally head back to take Travis home, as I am unloading, Bo jumps in the front seat locks the doors, I pull him out, forget he has locked the door and slide the door shut, ugh, seriously, right now, right now before I have to go to coach soccer practice then take the kids to wrestling all without Michael, cause he is golfing tonight, yeah, right now I am locked out of my van. Ugh. Gonna need another breathe, Huuuuuuuuuuuuh. Take my friends van, get my keys, unlock my van, load kids, hit the road, speed up my driveway, kids pile out and get ready for sports, Josh and I unload groceries, make sandwiches to take for dinner, run out of the house hoping all the kids are in the van, get to soccer practice late, while at soccer Bo lays out whining right in front of the goal, drag him off the field, finish practice, throw some food at Timmy, and head to wrestling, send the boys up, the rest of us eat our sandwiches, and then chase Bo around the gym and up and down the stairs, wrestling gets out, take the kids home, hose the stinky boys down and send everyone to bed, clean up disaster in kitchen from making sandwiches at 90 miles an our, seriously my kitchen looked like the kitchen on the movie “overboard” the first day she made lunches. Whew. Now I am in my bed typing away getting ready to sign off for the day. Well, I got it all in with only two breathes, so Good night!

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