Monday, April 19, 2010

Blessings In Disguise

Anyone who has been reading is certainly aware of the craziness of my life, and those of you with children, well, you probably relate on a more personal note. Along with the craziness and my frustrations at times, I still look for the silver lining. And I hope as I keep making my way down this path of motherhood I continue to learn to soak up and live each moment. I want to laugh at the fun times, cry with the sad times, sigh at the endearing times, and even find the “silver lining” in those tough times. I want to breathe in life’s every moment, growing, learning, and loving each breath.

I want to see the growth and the fun in spilt milk at a wonder family dinner, or popcorn all over the floor from a fun family movie night, or blankets all over the living room from a tent built in laughter. I want to pay attention to the blessings of sticky doorknobs from sticky little hands, and muddy toes prints on my kitchen floor from muddy little feet. I want to laugh when my sock foot steps in water from a munchkin project gone awry.

These are all truly blessings. They are kid prints that I am fortunate to have around my house. They are what make my house full of life.

So yes, I do write of my frustrations. But no use crying over spilt milk, one the one who spilt it has the most adorable eyes in the world. Although I have to admit, a lot of times I cry first and laugh later. Sometimes it takes longer than others to catch the glimmer of that silver lining. But it is always there if I take the moment to look.

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