Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

Well, as you may have guessed by the lack of posts, things have been busy. Spring break has been great. My kids were amazing this week. The older 3 were very helpful with Bo, and we only had a couple of feuds this week. So I am proud to say after a week home with all four kids, nobody is for sale on ebay. Pretty cool. Even Bo himself seemed more grown up this week. So I will just recap the week for ya. I kept working on the spring-cleaning. I got all the kids clothes sorted and changed over for summer. I also got the winter gear put away, and swept out the mudroom. Which, oh my gosh, I think had 5 pounds of dirt in it. We also power washed the garage. I was glad to see it was still concrete under all that dirt. Now if I can just get to my ceiling fan, and the windows I will be set for another five years!

I would say the biggest news of the week is I went blond. Oh, about 8 months ago my sis and I decided to try and save some money, yet still have the fun of highlights. Until then I had mostly experimented with the box color for fun. So one day with a roll of aluminum foil, a bleach packet and an old carpenters pencil, my sister elected to be a guinea pig. Surprisingly enough, it was a fairly successful venture. Well, I decided to be a little extra adventurous this time and go lighter than I ever have. The whole process is always quite and adventure. I mean when it really comes down to it neither one of us knows what we are doing. Our foil jobs look a lot crazier than the ones in the salon, if you can imagine that. I swear we have had communication with life in outer space from all the reception we get from all the metal sticking out of our head. And when the person applying the bleach to your head says, “whoops, uh oh,” yeah, not a good feeling. And then the waiting time while the bleach pulls the color, FOREVER! The whole time we are sitting there waiting, we are hoping our hair doesn’t turn hot pink or just plain fall right out of our heads. Seriously, when I look at what we do with NO experience I can’t help but think we must have breathed in too much bleach and it is affecting the “common sense” part of our brain. Yet we keep doing it over and over again. I am sure some day it will all get old and I will go back to my original hair color, whatever that is. ha,ha

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