Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eeeeeeeeew! Gross!

“Ewww. Gross, someone stepped on and then tracked a giant dog turd in here” I heard my sis say from out side the bathroom stall. At that point in time I had just laid Bo on the changing table, so I couldn’t step out and see what on earth she was talking about. We were traveling the last leg of our vacation home and stopped to eat and change diapers. Well about 2 seconds later I knew what it was, as I went to pull Bo’s pants down my fingers ran into something warm and smushy. Oh yeah. Every mom knows what I am talking about. He was oozing out of his diaper. I began to pull his shoe off and noticed he had poo on the back of his shoe, I then realized it the poo oozed out of his diaper and down his pant leg. Now, hearing my sister go on and on about this nasty “dog” poo in the bathroom, I knew what it was. I refrained from saying anything until I heard the stranger finish washing her hands and leave. I just couldn’t bring myself to announce to anyone that my kid’s turd was lying in the middle of the bathroom floor, and I step in it and tracked it into the stall I was currently changing the diaper in. Yeah, I decided to keep the grand announcement to my sister’s ears only. Although now that I am sitting here blogging about it I don’t know what difference it makes. I got my kid stripped and my pregnant sis kept handing me wet paper towels all the while trying to keep her 1 year old from playing with the obscure looking play dough. Finally, I got Bo all cleaned up. Jess then got as far away from the bathroom as she could so not to be associated with the mishap. Once I had a clean diaper on him I stepped out to survey the damage. I put Bo on the sink and started cleaning the floor with wet paper towel the whole time Bo is saying, “yucky, yucky, yucky poop.” Once I cleaned up the floor I took my pant less kid out to Jess so I could go to the van and get pants out of our suitcase. As embarrassing as it was I did let the staff know they would want to mop the bathroom floor to sanitize it.

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