Thursday, May 13, 2010

How many times in one day?

In recent days I have been wondering what the count is for how many times I drive to the town in one day. So on my busiest day this is how it goes….I don’t have to take them to school, Michael does so that is nice. I just start by dropping off a forgotten lunch on the way to the grocery store, or some days I am headed in to volunteer, so that’s one. Then back up there to pick them up. That makes 2. Then back into town to take Kate to her activity, drop her off and back in to pick her up. That makes 4. Then back in to take Josh to soccer, drop him off, go back to house to pick up Timmy who had to go to the bathroom as we were loading so I left him with my mom who was on our computer working, thank goodness. So Timmy and I head back to the school to watch the game. That makes 6. Head home for dinner and realized I forgot to drop off the wrestling gear, so I ran back up there to turn it in. That makes 7. Wow, I am glad we are only 5 min. from the school. How many times do you all run into our little town a day! I am sure someone has me beat.

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