Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm no martha, but he thinks I am pretty cool.

Today I tried to be Betty Crocker, Martha Stuart, or that mom from the Brady Bunch. I made brownies with marshmallows and m&ms on them. I saw it on the back of the box and thought it would be “very” creative and my “birthday boy” would think I was so cool. Well, anyone who knows me knows that the kitchen, creativity, and me all in one is just asking for trouble. Things started out looking very promising but ended up in a pile of colorful goo. The marshmallows swelled up while cooking and then stuck to the sides of the pan as they cooled. And I mean STUCK. When I tried cutting them for the class the brownies were so gooie, which I like, but a little messy for the kindergarten class. Besides that the marshmallows were stretching and oozing and the m&ms were melty and mushy. I would need a spoon to slop them out and splat them on the plate and the kids would have this tasty treat up to their elbows and in their hair. So I went to the store to buy a treat. I grabbed some chocolate donuts hoping Timmy would think they were cool and I could make up for the fact that my creativity had gone south. Needless to say a good friend of mine is decorating some brownies for me for his party. I brought the donuts to school and Timmy thought they were the greatest treat ever. So I am way cooler than Martha in his eyes, and that is good enough for me!!


  1. See, you're leaving out 3 very important facts in this post...

    1) Betty Crocker isn't real. She was a real person, yes... but the "Woman" who has infinite knowledge about cooking and wrote all the cookbooks is a pen-name, like Mark Twain. Betty Crocker represents THOUSANDS of people collaborating for the best end product.

    2) Martha Stuart has a test kitchen... and my bet? She has someone whose sole responsibility is to test recipes and clean said test kitchen.

    3) "the mom from Brady Bunch" - you mean her maid, Alice, right? ;)

    SSSOOOOOOoooooo, good job. Those one-of-a-kind brownies were delicious! :) Funny how we can get so caught up trying to attain unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves. I mean, seriously... you are not a maid, or a paid TV celeb with a whole team supporting your work. You're just an awesome mom who gives a rip. Sounds pretty good to me!