Monday, May 10, 2010

An embarrassing parenting moment

Well, here is just a little story that I am actually embarrassed to share. But I figure if there is some mom out there who has done something similar, they might want to know they are not alone. Ok so this goes back to my vacation. It was a rainy day so we decided to go to a museum. All ten of us piled out of two vehicles and headed toward the building. The kids were bouncing with excitement. So was I actually. The building we were headed into was built to look like it fell out of the sky and landed upside down. It was called Wonder Works and I highly recommend it!!! Anyway, we were headed toward the building when I looked at Michael and said, “Did you get Bo?” He responded with “No I thought you got him.” So all-5 adults are exchanges glances of “nope I didn’t, did you” and we realized NO ONE got Bo out of the van. Oh my gosh I was just mortified, granted we didn’t get even out of sight of the van, but still how awful. It was only less than minute, so the kid shouldn’t need too much therapy. Good thing I know a good life coach to help him through any “child abandonment” issues he may have. Anyone who knows Dean would agree he is the BEST!!!!! So there ya have it. Not my “proudest” moment. When you start forgetting a kid and it takes you a moment to notice, that is when you know you have a pile of KIDS. haha

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  1. Don't be embarrassed. That actually happened to me with my grandbaby. Talk about needing therapy!! I felt like the worst grandma in the world!!! Taidan doesn't remember it and I haven't gotten any razzing from any family members lately so don't feel bad. If I remember correctly my sister, Leah, did it with her youngest son too. Good thing kids are so resilient. Love you, Jamie!!