Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s day is tomorrow and I find myself thinking about my mom and my “kidhood” with her. I consider myself so greatly blessed. My mom is the most caring person I know and the one thing I never doubted was her love for me. I remember the feel of her cheek on my forehead when I was sick. I remember the feel of her arms around me when I was sad, and the feel of her fingers running through my hair, as I would lie in her lap. I remember her coming to all of my softball games when I was in high school. She came and so proudly watched me sit the bench, and she cherished the moments I was called in to play an inning. She was my biggest fan at all my choir concerts and plays.

She ALWAYS made me feel important. Even in grade school I remember her listening to me talk and making me feel so proud of what I had to say. I always felt like my opinion mattered to her.

Now she supports me as I raise my own. It is crazy to think even today that I am the mom. So many times I still feel like a kid, raising kids. But I wouldn’t trade this job for the world. I have to say it is the toughest job I have, but the most rewarding.

I still feel my moms love for me today just as strong as I felt it as a child. So I have to say I am very grateful for my mom. No one can hold a candle to her in my eyes.

I hope my kids never doubt my love for them, as I never doubted my moms. And I hope I make them feel as important as my mom made me felt.

If you want to share, I would love to hear what mothering traits you want to pass on to your own kids that your mother gave to you!

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  1. I felt like I could do anything. So many kids I ran into at school had one reason or another to give about how they weren't good enough. If I ever felt that way, it was because another kid told me, NOT my mom or dad. I always felt their love and support. And if I physically or mentally wasn't good enough at something, but wanted to do it anyway, they always helped me gain the strength I needed to pursue it eventually. They never told me No, you're not good enough. Even when I went out for the boys football team in 6th grade. I'm sure they were petrified that their baby was going to get flattened and beat to a pulp, but they helped toughen me up and taught me how to take a hit. I know it's why I am the way I am. THAT is something I want to pass on someday.