Friday, May 7, 2010

Ya know, that mom.

Ok, so I am tired and grumpy. I am having one of those weeks where I am just struggling to keep my head above water. I seem to have this image in my head of what a mom is “supposed” to look like. Or rather what I want to look like. Ya know that mom who has the freshly pressed uniform for pictures, but no I was just glad we found the thing, never mind it was wadded up at the bottom of his closet. Ya know the mom who volunteers to coach soccer. Well, I am volunteering to coach soccer but I was 10 min. late to practice on Tues and Amy had to start both U6 and U8 practice by herself. Ya know that mom who is really organized. I am actually usually pretty organized but lately my kids are calling me to remind me about fundraisers being due, or field trip papers I forgot to send in. Ya know that mom who sends in extra snacks, just in case one mom forgot. Instead I forgot to send my 6 year old with a sack lunch for his field trip. So another mom ran home to make him a lunch. On top of all this my laundry is piling up in the corners, in a matter of time I could probably just use them as beanbags in my bedroom. I have puzzle pieces scattered all over the office floor. My main floor is pretty clean, only because I have the greatest sister in the world, who I am sure saw the insanity setting in and thought she better help before she had to put me in a home. I gotta tell ya though, as I sit here and think back on the week, first I am glad it is over, second, I just have to laugh. I have been pretty stressed about all my mishaps this week, and now it is just time too laugh at them! And as a good friend of mine always says, “Don’t worry, you get to start over tomorrow with a clean slate!” So to all those moms out there who have been feeling like me….give yourself a break and just laugh. Cause lets face it, our lives is what writers are making sitcoms out of, so technically we are all famous!!! haha

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