Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day two on the road, are we there yet?

Day 2

Well we stopped off in Columbus Ohio last night and are now back on the road for the remaining 6 hours of the trip. I got up earlier than my husband to start getting things around. Finally, I marched myself down stairs and said in my “loving wife voice of course” “Get up, you’ll have to skip your shower, we are leaving in 5 min. And 40 minutes later we were finally in the car. We made it five minutes up the road and stopped to get gas. I jumped out to use the restroom, because somewhere in the middle of getting everything loaded up and making sure all of my kids used the restroom, I forgot to go myself. Finally, we were on the road 1 hour an 20 minutes past our target time, only to stop 15 minutes later because 2 of my munchkins had to go potty. Fortunately we didn’t have to stop again after that till our half way mark where we intended on eating lunch.
The ride was quite entertaining. Our husbands rode with my kids and my mom, sis and I rode with Ayden. Poor kid. We sounded like a bunch of cackling hens, laughing and chatting. Needless to say he did not nap like he was supposed to.

We made our stop in London Kentucky, and went to a little store called Dog Patch Trading post. It was a place my family used to stop on our travels as kids. Michael and I stopped here last time we went to Gatlinburg. Then, we only had 2 kids and I was pregnant with the 3rd. Keeping track of all four in this store with toys and trinkets was quite the adventure so we didn’t stay long. We walked across the way to Wendy’s and put on a whole new sideshow there. Our younger two were bouncing off the walls just like puppies who had been let out of a cage, and my older two were trying to negotiate with me about why they had to order off the dollar menu(when you have 4 the dollar signs for food that I am quite sure has no nutritional value begins to add up, so I always tell them they have to order off the dollar menu. I am sure the people behind me were wishing they had picked somewhere else to stop for lunch. Scenes like this generally bother my husband cause he is really good at thinking about what it would be like if the roles were reversed and wants to be considerate to others. Me, well, I’m just trying to keep the zoo under control. I figure if we make it out of there with all 4 kids and all our food, well we did pretty darn good. And the people behind me in line just got some free entertainment. I mean lunch and a show; seriously, people pay good money for that. I might just stick a hat out next time and see if we can collect some change.

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  1. I vaguely seem to recall that little store, more trinkets than i could take in during a 10 minute pit-stop...but 4 rugrats...well gotta have that boot knife, plastic ice cream cone that shot a foam ball, $2 DVD of something that came out a decade ago and a random book on tape; don't forget the drinks and snax ;)