Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fist day back, and first day of vacation!

To fill you in on my first day back...Of course it was still as crazy as when I left. This evening I was rushing out the door for soccer pictures. My sister was over so I left the other 3 kids home since I had an hour and a half in between when Josh was supposed to be there and when Timmy was supposed to be there. As I pulled through Springport in with one minute to arrive on time I realized I had the wrong kid. Josh was supposed to be at 5:40 and Timmy was at 7:00. But there sat Timmy in my rear view mirror. Seriously, how embarrassing. Yet, I wasn’t that surprised at myself. This week everything is colliding. It is Josh’s last week of wrestling, he has soccer, Timmy has soccer, AND baseball starts this week. Yeah! I might not know my name by the end of the week.

Here is the first day of our vacation!

Family Vacation… Have we left yet? Oh my gosh. Finally we are on the road. First we had a crazy week, cramming in soccer, wrestling, ballet, and get an alignment, tires rotated and balanced, oil changed, and a new windshield. So finally it is the day we leave. But we have two boys in wresting and I am a mom obsessed with watching them. So naturally we had to go to the home tournament and leave when the boys were done. It was fun and the boys had a blast when they were finished we headed home to shower and leave. I was hoping to have the boys showered and be on the road in 20min. I know, optimistic, but miracles do happen. The boys were actually showered and ready to go in twenty, but we didn’t leave, Michael grabbed the cat to take to my moms and I opened the door for him and somehow set of the van alarm. So the cat is clawing my husband while I fumble around for the button to shut it off. We got the cat over to moms when we realized the dog had eaten the cat food. Not my dog, I don’t have a dog Right, whatever! My mom’s dog, who is my neighbor and might as well be mine. Keep in mind I said yes to the FISH! So one of us runs to get cat food while the other finishes loading. Everyone goes potty and climbs in the van. Then I have to run back in the house for my cell phone charger, and back in for my jacket, and back in for my “sedative” that I am going to need on the 10-hour road trip. Haha. We ride over to pick up my mom cause she is going with us, and then had back to our house cause I didn’t remember locking the door. And for anyone who read yesterday, I was trying to keep the vacuum cleaner salesmen “robbers” out. Finally, we head down the driveway for the last time and we are on our way.

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