Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whew, time to sit down.

Wow, so there are over 600 muscles in the body (says google, cause of course I don’t remember that from Biology), and I can feel 587 of them. I was off to be wonder mom today and run the 3K with my 3rd grader. Every year our 3rd graders run the 3K at field day. They train all year for it. I think it is pretty cool. Gotta hand it to the 3rd grade teachers for giving our kids such a great confidence builder. The kids are so proud of themselves. Anyway I headed out of the house later than I was supposed to as usual. I grabbed my old phone that I was used to running with my music. When I got to the school I remembered it wasn’t the phone with the music it was my memory card which was now in my new phone which I left in my van so I wouldn’t have to carry around 2 phones. Just as I was turning around to run back for it I remembered my new phone was at home with my music card in it, cause I had just received another new phone to replace I “new” phone that wasn’t working. Yeah, I think I just confused myself, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t get that. Bottom line, I was going to have to run the 3K with out my music. I mean seriously would Rocky have made it up those stairs without the "The eye of the Tiger" playing in the background. I don’t think so. Somehow, I did survive the 3K, beaten by my daughter of course. I spent the remainder of field day running back and fourth between 3 kids and their events. It was fun, but talk about crazy. I am just glad they were wearing color coded t-shirts. Once I finally remembered what color my kids were it was easier. After traveling back and fourth across the track at least 20 times today, field day came to an end. As I was driving home I drove our little sunburnt selves to the Dairy Kreme for ice cream to cool down before round two of our day began.

Round two went something like this. I dropped Kate off to Yoga, and came home to finish up dinner. Went back to pick up Kate and then Josh got ready for soccer while changed Bo so he could go to Lansing with Mike for Josh’s game. After those 3 were shipped off, Kate got ready for Softball and Timmy for soccer. Rather than leaving on time I spent 10 minutes searching for Timmy’s shin guards, finally loaded them up only to realize that when I sent Timmy up for his soccer socks he came down with ankle socks on. So I ran back in the house for the right socks. Finally I zip Kate up to her softball practice and then run Timmy over to the soccer game I was supposed to be coaching. This is the moment where I am thinking of “that Mom” that is always 10 minutes early and brings extra snacks for the kids that forgot, and remember, yeah, that isn’t me. Resolving myself to the fact that I am the mom who shows up running to the soccer field carrying her kids cleats while he runs sock footed behind me. I arrive huffing and puffing from the scramble with my hair fizzing out around my head just making it in time for the game to start, I decide hey, at least I am there, right! After the soccer game was over I went to pick Kate up. I saw an empty chair next to a friend of mine and plopped myself in it. With Bo gone to soccer with Michael, Kate at practice and Timmy running the bases on an empty field, it just felt good to sit and watch the cute little Springport boys play baseball.


  1. I would be that mom running behind you with a baby under one arm, cleats in the other, and the child supposed to be going to the game would be picking dandelions :-)!!!