Friday, May 21, 2010

Potty training ahead, I hope, I think?

Ya know those computer updates that pop up on your computer. You click ok, and your computer restarts and says, “your computer has now automatically been updated.” Well I wish kids had a “potty training” update. At about the age of two, shoot I would even take the age of three. At that age if something would just say, “ok, time to update your child with the latest and greatest features, less whining, more listening and most importantly the going potty on the pot feature.” Boy that would be great. My fourth is to the age where he is so close the being potty trained. I think anyway we will see. But he is my last kid of four to potty train and I can just taste the freedom. Once he is done I never have to go back!!!! Well, today I put underwear on Bo for a little bit. I figured I would give him a taste of the good life in hopes he would want to join the land of the “briefs.” As he was sitting at the table playing play dough in his undes I started to hear liquid dripping off the chair, and Bo’s little voice. “Huh, potty is hot.” “Wait stop” I said as I rushed over to him and stuck him on the potty chair next to him. “Try to go on the potty” I said. By this time he was finished, but still found it fascinating to sit on the potty chair. He would stand up and sit, and stand up and sit over and over. Then he sat and pushed himself backward down the hall as if he were on a ride toy. I had to draw the line and take the chair away when he was picking it up turning it upside down and putting it on his head. If this is any inclination of what potty training is going to be like for him, I might wait until he is 13.

PS Thanks to those who have left comments I love reading them. The last two comments left by Beth and Tonya were especially funny if anyone wants an extra laugh!

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