Monday, May 24, 2010

When it all comes down to it, what REALLY matters?

When it all comes down to it what really matters? Sometimes when I feel stressed or worried about situations in my life I just have to ask myself this question. Really, setting all the “trauma & drama” aside, what matters to me most? In the grand scheme of life all that matters is that when I go to bed at night my 4 angles (they are angels when they sleep anyway) are breathing peacefully in the rooms next to mine, and my husband is lying in bed next to me, the man I have officially been with over half my life. All the kids’ whining and fighting, any argument with Michael I may have had just doesn’t matter. All those opinions of what other people have of me that seemed so important at the time, just seem to fade away as I focus on what is REALLY important to me. As I sit here with the house quiet I am just so grateful for my family. The past 10 years has thrown me some curve balls I never expected, as often life does. I am sure all of you have had curve balls of your own. But I have learned to appreciate my growth through my adversity, and continue to learn to appreciate it everyday. And despite my own trials at the end of the day nothing else matters except the love I feel flowing through my own personal household from the people who live in it. These are the most important people in my life. So tonight I encourage you all to sit down and think about what is REALLY important. Sometimes we just need to take a moment and focus on that. It may be your children, your husband, or a close group of friends and family that have supported you. Just let what you are truly grateful for warm your hear and let all the other “stuff” that just doesn’t REALLY matter in the grand scheme of your life’s happiness just set on a shelf. Stress and worry will always be there, let’s not let it rob us of our happiness today. So what matters to you in this big picture of life. For me it is my babies sleeping in the rooms next to mine, and my man lying next to me.

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