Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another shopping day

Anyone who has read my earlier post, “A trip to Meijer with Bo” & “Back to Meijer with Bo”, is aware of how I remedied the whole grocery shopping circus act. However, tonight Bo decided to test me again, only this time I was in a hurry and really didn’t want to take the time to take him to the van for time out. It started out as a little boy who turned his water bottle into a pretend gun. There wasn’t much water left and he would point it at me a make his “pew, pew” noises. It was all harmless until he tipped the bottle just right and what little water was left came right out splashing me and my list. He of course thought it was quite entertaining, while I was trying not to rip my list of groceries. Next he was making up some song with words that I am certain are not found in the English language and he was singing it with all his heart. He was so loud the people 3 isles down could hear him. But I figured at this point in time it was better than a screaming fit. So anyone who thought I should shut him up, well, they just didn’t have a clue of what they really could be subjected to. After his concert was over he began ripping little pieces of notebook paper out of my note book and dropping them on the floor just like Hansel and Grettle. After first I didn’t mind so much, again I figured it was better than the alternative being broken jelly and the famous words, “clean up on isle six.” However, I did take the pad away when he began ripping out full sheets and throwing those on the floor. Eventually grocery shopping was over and I couldn’t wait to get home put the guy to bed and dive into my chocolate moose tracks!

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  1. LoL, funny story... Uncle Babe and Aunt Paula swear by the 2x4 and a rusty nail method...