Thursday, May 27, 2010

The little black shoes.

Well today was a pretty good day. For the most part things ran smoothly, so smoothly in fact I decided to run into Jackson with Jess to return some clothes and hopefully by a pair of shoes. I need a white pair now that it is summer. Anyway, while I was taking in all the shoes in a payless, Bo took off his shoes to try on a pair of women’s high heels himself. When it was time to go I said, “ok Bo let’s get your shoes on.” And as I glanced around they were nowhere to be found. “Bo where did your shoes go?” I asked, “Where did shoes go?” He repeated. “Yes, where are they, did you stick them in a box?” I asked “Shoes in a box.” He replied. At this point in time I am wondering, is he just repeating me again or is he telling me he put them in a box. “Ok Bo what box are they in?” I asked hoping he would know. “In a box.” He stated again. He seemed to be pretty set on the fact that they were in a box, but I guess and the age of 3 all the boxes look the same. So there I was surrounded by tons of shoes wondering which box the little black flip-flops could be in. I knew they could only be so “high” on the shelf so I began to scan the lower 5 shelves. Eventually I was lying on the ground looking UNDER all the shelves. Boy was that a sight. A mom and her 3 year old were sprawled on the floor of payless searching for the shoes to put on the now barefooted toddler. Oh why didn’t I buy him glowing shoes or neon shoes? I swear out of all my kids, Bo’s shoes are the ones I loose the most. I finally just had to give up. Timmy had a soccer game that night and I had to get home. So I left my phone number with the sales clerk. So if you are payless and you find a pair of black flip-flops, call me! haha

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