Friday, May 28, 2010

It's raining popcorn!

Today we invited friends over. And if you tell 3 kids they each can have one friend over, well that makes for 3 friends. And when you have 4 kids of your own, and 3 of them each have a friend over, well that makes for a lot of kids. It is always lot of fun though. They are good kids and today was going to be “playing outside in the water day.” They all piled into the yard making a mad dash for the water of course. As time went by they were hungry. Hmmm, what to feed a pile of kids that is easy, quick and cheap. I thought popcorn would be a great idea. I didn’t have any microwave popcorn so I thought I would do it the old fashioned way. So I dumped some oil in a pan and thinking that since I had a pile of kids I should make a pile of popcorn, I dumped quite a few kernels in to make a big batch. I had only ever popped my own popcorn once before and that was with a friend. The kernels started popping and I had my bowl ready. As the lid began to lift off the pan I picked it up to dump into the bowl. The pan was a large pan so I had to hold on to both sides, and since I hadn’t attached my third arm yet today I just dumped the lid in the bowl with the popcorn, figuring I would grab it out when I set the pan down. The popcorn came out fast and lots of it. In a matter of seconds my bowl couldn’t hold even one more popped kernel. So I set the pan down and before I could fish out the lid, the remaining kernels, and lots of them, started popping all over the place. Josh and his friend were watching and laughing while I was screaming and taking cover behind them. Yeah, not my best protective instinct in play there. I finally grabbed a pan out of the sink and ran over to put it on top of the pan. On my way over I was stepping on very hot unpopped kernels. How the Unpopped kernels jumped out of the pan with out popping I am not scientific enough to know. All I know is those little babies were HOT! When I wasn’t singing my feet I was crushing the popped corn into tinier pieces on the floor. The boys decided to get out of the kitchen themselves but as they walked out they too became aware of the hot fire coals on the floor. So we all were bouncing around the kitchen looking like we were doing some sort of rain dance. What is it about me and the kitchen that is a recipe for side show entertainment. I prefer to call it that over a “disaster” it makes me feel like a professional rather than a “crazy mom”. Haha Hey at least no one was hurt. I didn’t have to sweep the floor. Bo came in and ate it all off the floor. Just kidding. I’m not that bad that I would let my 3 year old eat stepped on popcorn off the floor. Now had I not stepped on it I am pretty sure the 5-second rule would have been in affect.

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