Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The dog show.

“Please don’t run away and embarrass me. I really don’t want a reason to write an entertaining blog. I will gladly sacrifice the funny blog material, just please don’t pull your head out of your collar” I found myself uttering these words to the 75lb lab I had on a leash at the 3rd grade dog show. The dog show I never intended on going to, but my daughter ask everyone she knew with a dog and came up with nothing. I told her I was bummed for her but there was nothing I could do. I myself had a meeting the day of the show. However, the night before the show I decided to skip my last MOPS meeting (which included a meal and childcare), and took my “moms” dog to the school. Emphasis on “MOM’S” dog. Yeah the dog who “technically” lives next door yet manages to spend most of her time eating the grilled cheese out of my kid’s hand, sneaking hot dogs off the picnic table during our bon-fires, or simply sneaking into my house uninvited. But I felt bad that Kate was going to miss, oh in her words “the only dog show she will probably ever be in.” Be sure to add some drama and a tear down the cheek for affect.

So the “mom” part of my heart was able to over power the “I don’t want to take a dog to the elementary school. A dog I wasn’t sure would listen.” The thought of it gave me nightmare flash backs of me at middle school age all of 105 lbs. walking my 90lb lab through the apartments we lived in. Only it was more like him dragging me all over the complex. So there I was at the show with my moms dog getting pretty hyper. She was barking, whining and pulling on her collar. For a moment I thought I was just going to take her to the van and just leave. My daughter was begging me to stay. So I did and as I stepped into the lawn toward the show my foot squished on a pile of dog poo. She was drooling shoelaces of slime out of her mouth which she kept slinging all over my pants. And when it was our turn to go up in front of all the 3rd graders the dog squatted in front of me, up hill in front of me and began to pee. Jumping out of the way of the downward stream I just rolled my eyes thinking, “yes, this what I skipped my childless luncheon for. Well, no, what I skipped my lunch for and what really made it all worth it was the grin on Kate’s face and the sparkle in her eyes when she was able to be in the dog show. Ya know, “probably the only dog show she will ever be in.”

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