Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fly ball to right field!!!??!!!

“Yes! I’m in right field with a fly ball headed my way. I was going to make a great catch.”

Keep in mind moments before this I was feeling nervous about messing up. I am still pretty rusty. Granted I have never been a star player, but plying on a church league in my early twenties I could hold my own. But not anymore. Now I played like a mom who has been home with her kids for years! But I threw my nerves aside thinking of my latest mantra- Make Mistakes! Through my seminar experiences I realized I am afraid of screwing up and looking stupid or just plain letting people down. I have a fear of failure, as many of us do, so at times I hold back. However, while playing this game I said to myself, “Jamie, just have fun. You love this game, just enjoy playing it. And if you mess up, good for you. You need to learn to be ok with that. And the only way to learn, is to practice. Moments after I gave myself this speech comes that fly ball. I judged it just right, and watched it fall into my glove. And then I watched it roll right out until it hit me in the forehead. Seriously, I realize I want to be able to make mistakes, but did we have to conquer being fine with humiliation in the same game. I was so embarrassed. Looking at it now though it is kinda funny. And I figure there isn’t a highlight video for the “ok good job plays” it is either the super star moments or the blooper moments that go down in history. So if I can’t be the “star” I might as well make the blooper reel, right?!

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