Thursday, June 3, 2010

Take me out to the ball game


Well I gotta say if you have ever coached T-ball I am sure you can put that on your resume somewhere. I can’t say that I HAVE coached T-ball; I am just helping Amy coach and tonight was our first game. Ten little hats scattered across the dirt of the infield. A couple are ready with their serious little game face on. While another few are seeing what pretty designs they can make in the dirt with their glove. One of the boys playing second is chatting with the base runner from the other team. And then there is the batter…Swing… whoops, knocked down the T, but the ball has yet to leave home plate. Swing…the kid swung so hard the bat came all the way around and hit him in the head, but the ball was still balanced there on the T. Swing…that bat swings around swinging the kid around now passing over top of the T for the 2nd time in one swing, and you guessed it, the ball is still sitting on the T. Finally, Swing and Crack the ball hits the infield, it is through the first kid and through the second kid, and the 3rd kid runs to grab it before it hits the grass. He picks it up and fires it over the 1st baseman’s head, and off 2 more kids go to chase it down again. While all this is happening one kid runs from 2nd to home, the little girl on 3rd walks to home looking at her parents who are yelling, “run, run,” like “why, no one is chasing me, they are all chasing that ball over there.” And the kid on first is still standing there chatting with the kid who just batted. Yup, craziness. Although I have to say my personal favorites are when my daughter played T-ball and she would hug all her friends on the opposite team when she arrived at there base, that and she sucked her thumb at the time so in between kids batting she would be standing there just sucking her thumb. Anyway, it takes talent to coral all these little munchkins and teach them to play ball and Amy sure does a great job at it. And to anyone else who has ever coached T-ball. Good job, you deserved a coach of the year award just for doing it. And as crazy it is the kids are so adorable!

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