Monday, June 7, 2010

Guilt Free FUN.

Guilt free fun. Hmmmm. As moms sometimes we forget how to do that. There are so many times I am envious of the man’s compartmental brain. I went to a seminar years ago and they were talking about he difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain. When demonstrating the man’s thought processing they pulled out this wooden box about one foot wide, one foot tall, and 3 in. deep. This box was then divided into equally spaced compartments, and each compartment had a label under it. The work compartment, the play compartment. The sports, yard work, and dad compartment. I am sure you get the idea. Well then they took a marble and said it represented the man's brain. And they would place the marble in the compartment that the man was using at that moment. Then when describing the woman’s thought processing they pulled out a bowl and threw in random small objects like game pieces, dice, etc to represent our daily thoughts and responsibilities such as kids, housework, wife, school activities, work etc. Then they used a marble to represent the woman’s brain and threw it into the bowl and just shook the bowl all around and around watching the marble bump into each item over and over. I just thought that was such a good image of how different our brains work. It is so true. Each has it’s own strength. The man can let things go and a focus all his energy on one thing, and the women, well lets face it the woman can multitask circles around a man. But when it comes to letting go and taking some me time, how many of us do it WITHOUT thinking about what we “should” be doing. Whether it be helping our husband with the kids or doing the laundry or cleaning some area of the house, cause there is one thing I have learned in this whole MOM occupation, “It is never all done, there will always be something to clean or finish.” So as you are planning your week don’t forget to pencil in some guilt free fun just for YOU!

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