Monday, June 14, 2010

Does anything slow this kid down

Today I took Bo to the Doc to get his foot x-rayed. He fell over on a chair the other day and got a bruise but didn’t start limping until today. By noon he was crawling everywhere. He even attempted to go outside but just ended up crawling through the garage. So I took him in. I thought it might be a calmer visit than our usual doctor visits seeing that he couldn’t walk. Well, the calmness only lasted so long. He finally got tired of sitting reading magazines and squirmed out of my arms to crawl on the floor and touch everything at that level. Eeeeewww. So there I was trying to get him to stay in my lap. I think I might like it better when he is destroying the paper on the bed and spinning on the Dr. stool. At least then he isn’t mopping up the doctor’s floor with his shirt. After the x-ray we found out everything was fine. He prescribed some Advil for the swelling and Bo was his regular “extra” active self by the time of Josh’s baseball game. Yeah!

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