Friday, June 11, 2010

The bugs are back

Yeah, I feel like mom of the year. My 6 year old was outside this evening without his shirt. Well, I didn’t think anything of it he is a boy. And Bo, my three year old was outside in the pool in the nude yesterday, so really I figured he was more covered than that so it’s all good. We do teach our kids modesty at some point in time and eventually they quite running around showing their moon to the world, but are boys ever gonna be really modest? No, not really. Although maybe I was the only girl who was raised with a dad who brushed his teeth in his underwear with the door open, or said Hey, pull my finger. Anyway, modesty is not really what I was going to talk about. I feel bad because when Timmy came in he look like he had been a mosquito, all you can eat buffet. I counted 12 bites on his back. Poor little guy, he was so itchy I smeared him in cortisone and put him to bed. I never even thought about the bugs, I was in my cool air-conditioned house looking through the window at the kids all playing. School is out and they were playing without fighting, it was so great. Oh well, I will be ready to dowse them all with a can of Off next time.

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