Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"On guard"

Here is a story I have been forgetting to tell…. I bought some flowers in a pot for the school secretary. During the school year my son ended up sick in the office one day and just about threw up on her. So I thought I would get her some flowers for taking care of him until I could get there. Well, I was walking back in the kitchen and I saw Michael making a strange face and he said “oops.” I hadn’t quit caught on yet to what was going on. I finally caught his glance toward the table where the flowers were setting and as I looked down I realized half of the flower heads were chopped off. As I glanced around I saw they were scattered all over the floor. And there stood my husband with my kid’s sword in his hand. While he was practicing his sword fighting he totally mutilated my plant. He of course did it by accident. When I was telling this story to a friend of mine she asked, “was he showing off for the kids?” My reply was “Nope, the kids were in bed.” It was so funny; he was just simply being the oversized kid he is. The flowers were not the first items to be damaged. Over the years of our marriage I believe Michael holds the record for items broken due to rough housing or throwing balls.

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