Monday, July 5, 2010

All day in the sun

Today we were out on the water all day. I applied the goopy, gloppy sunscreen to my kids while they had their life jackets on. Usually, I apply this stuff before the jackets are covering their body, but they heard the word “boat” and had them on 15 min. before we even left the driveway. I figured it would be fine seeing that they would have their jacket on the whole time not exposing the areas of their skin not receiving the white glop. The only problem was while they were standing, the life jacket came down further in the back than while on a tube. So, at the end of the day I started to realize the pink glow out the bottom of their jacket. Whoops! I tried drying them off and squirting the red spot at 6 o’clock. Yeah, I know, so what is the point by then. I felt so bad I had to do it to help ease my guilt. Haha Later that night when we decided it was time to quit pretending we had gills and head for land, the kids all took their jackets off and headed to the car. I watched the boys with little red circles on their lower back walk in front of me. Hmmmm. Well that’s a tan line I haven’t seen yet.

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