Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy huh

I was playing in my softball game tonight and I found my worried about missing a catch. When you are playing right field you may only get one ball, if any hit to you, so that one catch is really your pass or fail moment of the night, so it seems any way. Well, about the 2nd inning I thought to myself, “seriously, this is not something you really need to waste time thinking about. I mean really what is the point in playing the game if you are just going to worry about it. Just have fun playing the game you love to play.” At that point I tossed my cares aside and just had fun. It got me thinking about how often we waste time worrying about stuff that just doesn’t even matter. We spent countless minutes worrying about things that might happen and but never do. And even the things that do happen, if we didn’t “worry” about it ahead of time that is just more moments of the day to enjoy. Just think about your day. And then think of all the things you stress about that just don’t REALLY matter. Crazy huh.

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