Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday. Monday’s are what I call my “catch up” day. Usually I plan nothing for this day so I can stay home and clean up the aftermath of the weekend and do laundry. And since I don’t do any laundry on the days Fri. Sat. and Sun, with a family of 6, laundry is an all day job!!!! I actually like to take Monday and “try” and accomplish a lot. The quotations on the word “try” because Bo has a different opinion than me. First he is hungry and wants watermelon, which I send him OUTSIDE to eat. This keeps my floor clean but cant say the same for my doorknobs. After 4 watermelon wedges, him coming back in the house to throw the rind away, the doorknob is pretty sticky. And then my cute little nephew shows up because I am babysitting for a couple hours today. Bo and Ayden are going in and out of the house; Timmy is starving and wants Mac-n-cheese. From the sounds of his whining it sound like I haven’t fed him in days. After the little boys being together for 2 hours I took a look around my house that was supposed to be improving on this “catch up” day. The toy room was destroyed, the garage had balls scattered all over it, the boys room had a box of plastic tools, screws and nuts and bolts dumped out. And the magnets on the calendar board were scattered. On my kitchen floor there was 1 ½ PB& J sandwiches, a handful of captain crunch, 3 empty juice boxes and a couple of blueberries. The boys ended up in my room jumping on my bed, but I booted them out. My bed was made and frankly that looked like the only thing I had accomplished by 1:00. After Ayden left I thought I would accomplish more. I sent the kids down to watch a movie with Bo. Well, Josh, Kate, and Timmy enjoyed the movie. But Bo lasted about 15 minutes and then he was upstairs “helping” me put my laundry away. His idea of putting my laundry away is him putting my bra on. That’s is quite funny to see at least the comic relief does distract me from my lack of accomplishment.. Bo finally decided to go watch Kate on the computer and I worked as fast as I could while he was occupied. I did manage to get the house picked up and most of the laundry done.

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