Monday, July 19, 2010

A kid laugh a day, melts the stress away

I found myself sitting one my bed tonight listening to the water slosh in the washer and the clothes in the dryer flopping over and over with and occasional scraping of a zipper or button. I took a deep breath of relaxation. The day was finished and everyone was tucked away, sleeping peacefully. As I reflected on my day the thing that stands out to me the most is my kids laughing. All through out the day at some point in time I remember each kid laughing. I can still see Bo’s chubby face, teeth filled grin accompanied by a great big belly laugh imprinted in my mind. Yeah sure they grumbled a bit this morning when it was time for chores. And yes I had to tell Timmy 3 times to get dressed. Bo stood on a chair today and decided to rearrange the fridge magnets and also erased my calendar. Yeah, the whole month is wiped off. So hopefully I can recall whatever engagements I had. And tonight while trying to put him to bed he spent 10 min. trying to go potty. Yeah, normally I wouldn’t let him stall, but when it comes to this stall tactic he does have me wrapped around his finger, I do want to encourage the potty training. Finally, I pulled him of the potty and got him to bed. Unfortunately he didn’t go to sleep with out a fight. He cried for about 10 minutes while I was down stairs filling out the for sale sign that read “ cute toddler, for sale, eats a lot, plays in the toilet, and doesn’t like to go to sleep.” Finally, he quit crying and I decided not to print the sign. Now the day is done and when I let all the cares go. When I let all the laundry I didn’t get done go. When I let all the parenting moments I am not proud of just fade away. When I let my mind freely reflect on the day I just see the kids laughing and I have to smile. They are just the greatest things in this whole world I am so fortunate to have.

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