Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it time for chocolate yet?

Oh my gosh. Is it time for chocolate yet. Well, Bo has been going “potty on the pot” these days so I decided to run into Jackson this afternoon and get groceries so I could spend the next 2 days staying home letting him wear underwear. I went to Sams and Meijer. The Sams trip went pretty smooth. We even stopped so Bo could use the potty. Yeah! I was quite excited. When we went to Meijer Timmy was starting to fade so I rented one of those video carts so they both could sit down. The problem is Bo won’t watch TV. He watches for about 10 minutes and then he is done. So after the first 10 minutes of shopping the boys are fighting. Timmy pesters Bo and then Bo whines at Timmy. And then Bo wants to sit where Timmy is sitting but Timmy doesn’t want to move. And then I become that mom snapping at her kids in the middle of Meijer, “Sit down! Be quiet. Stop whining. Don’t touch your brother! Don’t hit your brother!” Eventually Bo is whining cause he wants out, but I won’t let him out ‘cause frankly I would like to get home some time tonight. Then I felt my cart run over something. I thought it was a rock. I look in front and Bo is hanging through the “lack of” windshield on this car contraption and I just ran over his hand. And then came the screams. Oh yes; now I was the mom who just ran over her own child with a shopping cart. Sad thing is after I realized no fingers were broken, the line that went through my head while I was hugging my child was “see, now if you would just stay in the cart I paid a whole dollar for you to sit in, this wouldn’t have happened”. After holding him for a couple minutes I put him back in the cart and he cried while I grabbed the remaining 5 items on the list. He finally quit crying when we picked out his new “train” underwear. Check out went pretty smooth thankfully, and then for some reason Bo decided to cry all the way home. The whole 30-minute drive I could see his squinched up eyes, his wrinkled nose and his poor little tear filled cheeks in my rear view mirror. At one point in time he had his arms reaching for me. Yup. I ran over my kid in Meier and now he is strapped in a car seat crying all the way home. At this point I am imagining a great big bowl of chocolate ice cream topped with peanut butter cups just waiting for me!!!!!! We did make it home and after a big bowl of spaghetti he had finally calmed down. He was wearing his train underwear and seemed very excited about them. However, although he had been peeing on the pot all day. Just after dinner, with his brand new underwear he was sitting on the couch and I heard him say “Huuuuh. Pee made a mess.” Yup, he peed on my couch. Where is my chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my. I can picture it all so vividly! The good news is that Bo now knows better than he did before the fact that pee makes a mess. The bad news is that messes don't really bother him! Hang in there Jamie!! :) -- Cheryl

  2. You just have to laugh and eat lots of chocolate on those kind of days. Thanks for sharing. I've actually had a day like this recently with my daughter and four small grandkids!! Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and you're awesome!!!! Love you.