Friday, July 23, 2010

Potty party

It’s the Potty party. Every time Bo pees on the potty he runs out of the bathroom and we all make a huge fuss. Bo came out of the bathroom tonight and his Dad gave him high fives. My husband looked as though the red wings just scored to win in the last 30 seconds. I could practically see the streamers and confetti coming from the ceiling. All his siblings were cheering and he was running to me for more high fives. He is so proud and so are we. For the past 2 years Bo has worked his hardest to be as high maintenance as he can be. But the potty training has not been so bad. As I started this morning I just wanted to quit. I remembered all the wet and poopy underpants from the first three kids and I just didn’t think I had it in me to do it one more time. But I just let him run around naked for the morning prepared to quit after the first accident and wait till the kids went back to school. My friend convinced me to just let him work at it while we were home and put a pull up on him when we left the house. I realized I was functioning with the “all or nothing” mind set. I was prepared to stay home for 3 days and go at it like the army. When she said this I felt the weight lift. I let it work with my schedule rather than put my summer on hold. So I let all my expectations go and decided to just role with whatever Bo did. But he just kept going on the potty, or outside in the trees, which is how it works out here in the sticks, as many of you know. I can barely convince my husband we have indoor plumbing. Anyway, he is doing great so far. Maybe later I will have more entertaining potty training stories for you. But for now I will take the one easy road Bo has decided to take and savor the moment.

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