Monday, July 26, 2010

Potty on the go, eeeeewwwww.

Ok, well I am glad we are potty training but it is a bit crazy. Any time Bo says he has to go potty I am running for the nearest toilet. So today we were at Hawk Island splash pad and Bo said he has to go. Yeah. How great, we are having fun he says he has to go. So we head to the bathrooms. In a public restroom I always thought it was easier with the boys, not so much with Bo. His short stubby legs just don’t make him tall enough to stand. So there I am in a public restroom trying to bless the toilet and put my kid in a bubble (haha) as I sit him up on it backwards (this works best for balance) Of course before I can say, “Don’t touch the seat with your hands” he has already gripped both sides to hold him up. “Gross” I am thinking at this point in time. Good new is he peed. So we threw our potty party with our voices echoing through the stalls. I am then holding his swimsuit while he steps his legs in and I feel his pudgy hand grab my shoulder for support. “Ewwww, I could just feel the green gremlin germs jumping off his hand and onto my shoulder.” I am glad the splash pad shoots out chlorinated water. So after we “took a shower” in the “sink” we went back for the fun. Later while loading up in the van getting ready to home, Bo said those famous words, “I gotta go potty” So we walked all the way back to the public restrooms and went back through the same nasty scenario I just explained above only this time he didn’t pee and we weren’t headed back to the chlorine. Yuck. And to top it off we went through all that only for him to pee his pants when we got to by in-laws. Seriously, if I wasn’t going to avoid the accident I would have left the green gremlins IN the public restroom.

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