Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take a little time

I went out with my sister tonight. It felt so great to get away. As much as I love my kids dearly, sometimes I just need to punch out. It’s funny, I remember after I had my first one the hardest thing for me to get used to was the 24/7 round the clock on demand schedule. I remember Josh was about 3 or 4 weeks old and it was coming up to a weekend and usually I was always excited for the weekend. The workweek was over and Michael and I would get 2 days off. But not any more, now Saturday looked just like Monday and the night looked just like the day. This kid demanded he eat every 2 hours Monday-to-Monday, and sunrise-to-sunrise. But as time went on and I adjusted to momhood and the baby at least started letting me sleep through the night, I soon began to look forward to weekends again. Michael would be off work hanging out with us, and that was always a nice change of pace. I wasn’t nearly so overwhelmed when kid number 2 came along. Granted the sleepless nights were still rough, but the motherhood role was such a part of me I no longer felt so overwhelmed. I flowed with life and cherished the moments. And although motherhood runs through my whole being and I am very proud of the mom I have become, I certainly have handle more than I thought I ever could, I have to remind myself to take that time just for me. That time I felt like one new born stole from me, I now forget to take because I am so engulfed in my role. But what I have realized is if I take that time, I am an even better mom for it. So it was great to laugh at my sister about motherhood. Looking at how exhausting it can be sometimes, wondering how we do what we do, yet so glad we do it.

So to all the moms out there…take yourself out for coffee, and pat yourself on the back.

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